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lo-fi reverb calculator

I spent the better part of three years designing this circuit. I wanted to create something that was unique and crazy but also, subtle and usable in multiple situations. The circuit path takes your signal and runs it through two separate reverbs and blends them back together. The pedal features various filtering and timing controls allowing you to go from a classic spring style reverb all way to an extended ambient reverb. I really feel that this pedal can be used as an "always on" reverb and a crazy go nuts reverb as well.

- Soft Touch Relay-Based Bypass
- True Bypass
- Equalization of individual reverb signals
- Infinite loop / self oscillation switch

Please note: As of 5/11/2024, the Ours & Hours will ship standard with the clear knobs shown in the photo. Black aluminum knobs will be available for a limited time only.


LCO Industries will repair any product manufactured by us at any time free of charge. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear to the enclosure, graphics, knobs, jacks, or other hardware. Additionally, items that have been modified, or show signs of deliberate abuse will not be accepted.

Basically, if you have a functional problem with your pedal and haven't thrown it off a cliff into a volcano and run it over with a dump truck, I will take care of you.

Due to the "one human" nature of LCO, returns will not be accepted unless the item is defective.